SOMA – Expertise in test systems, automation and dosing systems

SOMA has been a recognised and reliable industry partner developing solutions for testing and automation tasks for over 40 years.

Our corporate structure and the qualifications of our staff are geared towards the independent realisation of complete system solutions and being available to our customers as a competent partner throughout the whole project.

As an independent business division of the KOSTAL Group, a multinational manufacturer of electronic and mechatronic products for major industrial companies, we are always at the forefront of future-oriented technical innovations.

The service and product range in our Test Technology division extends from specification test systems for laboratory use, analysis and warranty test systems for development and production testing applications through to fully automated end-of-line functional test systems for use in production.

The specialist automation knowledge gathered since SOMA was established forms the basis for a wide variety of innovative project solutions.

This applies equally to the implementation of semi- or fully-automatic assembly facilities, as well as for highly automated test systems where production-compliant automation concepts and product-specific test technology requirements have to be individually aligned with one another to realise an optimum system.

On the basis of our extensive experience, our previous product range and services in the field of automation were expanded at the beginning of 2009 with components and systems for the handling and reliable dosing of industrial lubricants.