SOMA among the TOP 100 innovators in Germany

SOMA is one of the winners of the coveted TOP 100 award, which annually honours the top innovators in the German SME sector.

SOMA honoured with TOP 100 award

2024 - a firework display of innovations. That was the motto of this year's New Year's greeting - and today the next stage is igniting: SOMA GmbH receives the coveted TOP 100 award. Every year, this award honours top innovators from the German SME sector who shape markets with their innovative strength and set trendsetting impulses.

Under the motto TECHNOLOGY JUST FOR YOU, SOMA has launched a large number of innovative solutions on the market in recent years, which are used in future-oriented sectors such as e-mobility, photovoltaics and the electrical industry.

From customised testing technology and intelligent automation solutions, the flexAssistant digital worker assistance system to fully automated dosing processes, SOMA has proven its position as an innovation leader in industrial plant engineering for the manufacture of products for the energy transition, among other things.

Industrial production: more efficient, more user-friendly, more sustainable

The Top 100 Innovator 2024 award confirms SOMA GmbH's commitment to continuous innovation and excellence. The company has successfully set new standards and positioned itself as the driving force behind pioneering projects. By working closely with customers and partners, SOMA GmbH has not only broadened its own horizons, but also paved the way for future developments in the industry.

The company plans to further expand its research and development activities so that it can continue to offer its customers an important innovative edge in the future. We are particularly proud of our team of experts at SOMA, who have made this success possible and continue to push the boundaries of what is technically feasible for the success of our customers every day with their experience and innovative spirit.

The entrepreneurs who can present themselves as top innovators in 2024 will be honoured at the big TOP 100 awards ceremony as part of the 9th German SME Summit on 28 June 2024 in Weimar

The TOP 100 winners received their awards from mentors Ranga Yogeshwar and Christian Wulff at the awards ceremony.

Wolfgang Thater

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Test systems and Automation

Margin pressure and ever stricter specifications are forcing companies to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. The "zero defect" requirement is the starting point of targeted test methods for fault detection.

Process reliable dosing systems

Lubricants are used in all situations where friction forces are created as a result of movements and actuations in mechanical or mechatronic products. We have suitable dosing products to ensure process reliability.

Worker assistance: SOMA flexAssistant

Digitize manual production: Fast, flexibly adaptable and available wherever you need it - with the SOMA flexAssistant Software Suite. Without changing the system from manual production to semi-automatic.