SOMA GmbH & ABNOX AG: Stronger together

SOMA GmbH and the Swiss supplier of dosing and lubrication technology ABNOX AG announce their strategic partnership under the motto "stronger together".

Benjamin Iseli from ABNOX AG and Wolfgang Thater from SOMA GmbH

SOMA & ABNOX announce strategic partnership

We are pleased to announce an exciting strategic partnership with ABNOX AG, the renowned Swiss supplier of dosing and lubrication technology. Under the motto "stronger together", we are combining our expertise to offer our customers even more tailor-made solutions and services.

This partnership provides both family-owned companies with expanded market access and technology exchange, enabling them to bring their innovative products and services to an even wider audience. The joint presence in different markets opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Technology exchange as an advantage of cooperation

A key benefit of this partnership is the complementary expertise of the two companies. SOMA GmbH's Dosing Technology division brings many years of experience in non-contact, high-frequency dosing of lubricants, technical monitoring and seamless integration of dosing systems into complex production environments.

At the same time, ABNOX AG contributes its decades of experience and expertise as a global process partner in lubrication, metering and high pressure technology. ABNOX AG offers customised components and comprehensive system solutions with Swiss quality and high-tech engineering. Together we create innovative solutions for our customers that open up new possibilities in lubricant dosing.

Leading supplier of dosing systems and technology

"This partnership is a perfect match. The two companies are an excellent fit, not only on a personal level. We also value ABNOX's expertise on a technical level. This will strengthen our position as a leading supplier of dosing technologies and systems", says Wolfgang Thater, Head of Sales & Marketing at SOMA GmbH.

"Together we will offer our customers unprecedented possibilities and solutions. With SOMA GmbH as our partner, we will set new standards in the field of lubrication and dosing technology", says Benjamin Iseli, Sales Manager at ABNOX AG. We look forward to inspiring our customers with our combined power and energy and to meeting their needs at the highest level.

The partnership between SOMA GmbH and ABNOX AG will increase the competitiveness of both companies and provide our customers with world class solutions. The combination of expertise, experience and innovation will create new growth opportunities that will benefit us as a company and our customers.

Join us in setting new standards and creating the future of dosing technology.

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