SOMA Dosing systems

Dosing systems from SOMA

Lubricants are primarily used in all applications where friction forces are created as a result of movements and actuations of individual components in mechanical or mechatronic products, to ensure the desired product functionality, but also to reduce wear and prevent the generation of noises.

Since special lubricants in particular are costly operating materials, increasing value is being placed on targeted greasing, i.e. defined lubricant volumes at defined positions, which must also be automated and implemented with process reliability.

Contact-based dosing is not a dosing option if accessibility to the position to be greased is also restricted.

This is where dosing valves guaranteeing both contactless and volumetric dosing at a high dosing frequency come into their own.

With its patented IDV impulse dosing valves with graduated dosing volumes, SOMA offers a universal solution for a variety of applications. Components of a likewise patented lubricant handling system and a pressure compensation system also belong to the product portfolio for the lubricant dosing technology.