SOMA Automation

Automation solutions from SOMA

Especially high volume producers of highly innovative products have to include a series of potential influencing factors, such as fluctuations in customer call-offs, dynamic prioritisation of product variants, shifting production to other locations, etc, within their resource planning and use these as a basis to determine their automation strategy requirements.

This requires modular, cost-efficient and investment-protected assembly and automation solutions, which can be easily and quickly adapted to altered production conditions due to their flexibility.

However, in sectors where products are manufactured with long run times and few innovation cycles, less emphasis is placed on the flexibility of the automation equipment.

High availability and high throughput rates with the lowest possible investment are more important in this case.

SOMA offers solutions for a wide range of automation requirements, from simple, flexible, manual workplaces, to customised, strictly linked rotary or linear transfer systems through to fully automated assembly systems with process modules that can be used flexibly.