Digital assembly workstation flexAssistant

Assembly software Suite 4.0 flexAssistant

Digitize manual production: Fast, flexibly adaptable and available wherever you need it - with the SOMA flexAssistant Software Suite.

With the SOMA flexAssistant Software Suite 4.0 you can integrate almost any hardware and thus digitally enrich your manual production process. Visual assembly instructions, pick-to-light systems and intelligent screwing systems support workers in their assembly tasks. Scanners and printers document and mark your products. Every production step leaves a unique fingerprint that is permanently saved and can be called up at any time.
All production data can be sent directly to MES or ERP systems such as SAP are transmitted and so make manual production steps visible even for non-production areas at any time. Remote components provide access for remote maintenance of your systems. Robotic assistants can also be integrated using flexAssistant. You can easily expand your manual production to semi-automatic production without changing the system.